About the Grant

The Robert L. Fine Cancer Research Foundation will distribute 2 awards every other year to outstanding young scientists dedicated to basic and translational pancreatic cancer research. The grant is intended to support research projects that can be carried out in a short period of time with limited resources.  The topic of the requested grant applications will be for innovative translational pancreatic cancer research that focuses on bench to bedside advances. The grant mechanism supports different types of basic and translational projects including pilot and feasibility studies, self-contained research projects, development of new research methodology and development of new research technology.  This grant does not support solely clinical research.    


Grant Mechanism

Monetary awards will be granted to research projects written in response to a once yearly Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).  The grant amount will be $250,000 to cover direct costs only. The length of the grant will be for two years payable in yearly installments.  Pre-award costs are allowable, up to 30 days prior to the grant initiation date; however the incurrence of pre-award costs imposes no obligation on the foundation to grant the award. 


Eligible Institutions

Public or private institutions, such as universities, colleges, hospitals and laboratories as well as other non-profit organizations


Eligible Investigators

Principal investigators must hold the rank of either Assistant or Associate Professor. Eligible PI’s will have been awarded no more than one RO1 or RO1 equivalent, including competitive renewals. Up to two principal investigators are allowable.  We encourage applications with the inclusion of cross or multi-disciplinary PI’s and investigators.  Investigators are allowed to submit more than one application as long as each application does not scientifically overlap with each other.  Only one award is allowable for a principal investigator however he or she may be a co-investigator on other subsequent awards.  


Costs covered by the award

A budget will be required for each application.  Eligible expenses include direct costs such as salary (with fringe), equipment and services including core facility costs.  No indirect costs are covered by the grant.  Investigator salaries will be subject to the NCI salary cap.


Structure of the Grant Application

The grant application will require:

  1. Cover Letter signed by each PI as well as a signing official (such as a project officer) of the institution

  2. Research strategy including specific Aims (5 pages)

  3. Citations

  4. Letters of Support (up to 2)

  5. Institutional Letter of Support from the chairman of the PI’s department(s)

  6. NIH Biographical Sketches of all investigators

  7. Detailed Budget

  8. IRB approved protocol or plan for HRPO approval in the case of human research.  Monetary awards that involve human research may be provisionally awarded without IRB approval however will not be delivered to the institution until IRB approval is in place. 

  9. Grant Format should conform to standard NIH guidelines. 


Next funding opportunity will be August 31st, 2020 by 5pm EST.